Technology has changed the way we communicate.

Grasp is changing the way organisations connect.


Redefining Mentoring

The Grasp platform gives every employee in your organisation the power to be mentored, and to mentor. Short or long term. Online or in person.
In large organisations everyone has something to share and learn, regardless of seniority. The key is working out who knows what, then making introductions where it matters, with as little friction possible.

Employees that are mentored are more successful


More likely to be promoted


Higher retention rate


Higher productivity


Increase in innovation


More likely to be engaged

Through Tacit Knowledge Sharing.

At Grasp, we believe the best way to learn is through people and their experiences.
E-learning is great for generic knowledge but it takes real life application and relevancy to truly close the gap.
Grasp makes smart introductions to people inside your organisation based on interests, soft and hard skill gaps along with career development and learning goals.

Breaking down siloes - making knowledge sharing and transparency core to company culture