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The mentoring platform enabled by smart data and technology, driven by people.

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Scalable mentoring done differently

Boost your people culture and upskill your teams at scale with intelli-match mentoring that works with your goals.

Make talent and skill visible to both you and your people to retain talent and guide learning and development agendas.

Empower your workforce to search and connect instantly by department, location, skill and common interests.


Transform your workplace culture,
gain actionable insights and let your people thrive

Putting people first
Putting your people first

Through simple search function, Grasp enables individuals to locate their potential mentors and build a network based on mutual knowledge sharing. We prioritise people’s individual needs putting human connection at the forefront.

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Get data smart
Get data smart

Our smart and secure data analytics highlights existing silos and gives you full visibility of company-wide connections, meetings, and skills so you can upskill from within while creating an inclusive and highly effective company culture.

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Engagement is for life not just for launch!
Engagement is for life not just for launch!

Engagement metrics in real-time will provide a ‘who and where’ view of mentoring activity as well as capture user feedback to help you measure the ongoing success of the program. Our series of webinars, virtual events and gamification will help you achieve maximum take-up and long-term engagement.

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Create the mentoring experience your people deserve

Company-wide search

Company-wide search by name, location, language, department and skill

Intelli-matching algorithm

Intelli-matching algorithm based on skill, knowledge and experience

Data insights

Data insights to identify skill gaps, silos, diversity and inclusion.

Integration with learning

Integration with learning management systems and single sign-on

Integration with chosen video conferencing

Integration with chosen video conferencing

Integrated calendar scheduling

Integrated calendar scheduling instantly showing user’s availability

The benefits of a good mentoring programme are clear...

  • Internally upskills people
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Improves people culture
  • Creates opportunities to innovate
  • Reduces churn rate & retains talent
Need to convince stakeholders the importance of mentoring?

Download our ‘Mentoring Benefits Infographic’ full of reliably backed stats about the true benefits of upskilling internally.

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