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Reverse Mentoring

mentoring + upskill

Why you should respect your youngers

Do we need to show our younger employees a little more respect? Research from Unily and YouGov sugge...

Who are your assists

employee engagement + workplace culture

Who are the ‘assists’ in your company?

Balance sheets. Revenue. Sales. Visible data can almost always quantify a company’s ‘success’,...

Mentoring but not as you know it

mentoring + upskill + workplace culture

Forget everything you know about mentoring

We’re transforming the way people learn and connect The colleague 12 yards away or 12 floors up. T...

Diversity and inclusion

mentoring + workplace culture

The role of mentoring in diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion should be at the centre of any thriving workplace culture, bu...


employee engagement + workplace culture

What’s your (in)side hustle?

In uncertain times, the side hustle can be an economic necessity. But as more millennials seek great...

guided mentoring

mentoring + resources

A guide to guided mentoring

What makes a mentoring programme truly effective? Is it rigid rules and regulations about how the re...

magic of mentoring

mentoring + resources

The Magic of Mentoring: Business Benefits of Mentoring Programmes

The repercussions of Covid-19 are forcing organisations to redeploy, upskill and reskill staff at sp...

Good fit mentoring

mentoring + resources

Finding a mentor right for you

How to tell if my mentee/mentor is a right fit and what to do if they’re not. You will most li...

data and inclusion

people analytics + workplace culture

How to use data to improve inclusivity in the workplace

Data can be amazing. Data can improve your decision making, help create more efficient and effective...

Unconscious bias

workplace culture

How to break the cycle of unconscious bias in the workplace

They say a first impression is a lasting one. However, it is the lasting ideas, forme...

Podcast The Mentors Who Made Me


The Mentors Who Made Me

Grasp talks to a variety of successful individuals about the mentors in their lives that made them who they are today as well as covering relevant topics in the learning space. Subscribe to the podcas...

Skills needed in a post-pandemic workplace


5 essential skills needed in the
post-pandemic workplace

As we begin the push to a ‘new normal’ and think about what the future workplace looks like, we ...

Remote work culture

employee engagement + workplace culture

Were we always working remotely?

How forced remote working has highlighted our existing workplace culture The bedroom is the office. ...

tips for building an effective remote workplace culture

resources + workplace culture

5 top tips to building an effective remote workplace culture

Video-conferencing, online collaboration, instant messaging. Although our colleagues have shifted fr...

Benefits of being a mentor


Mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted

… and other great reasons you should mentor. The benefits of being a mentor In a fast-paced wo...