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how to ask someone to mentor you


How to pop the question: Will you mentor me?

Creativity, productivity and inclusivity are central to a thriving workplace culture and are often f...

multiple mentors


5 Reasons Why You Need More Than One Mentor

The concept of mentoring is evolving. The notion of mentoring as a prescribed, homogenous exercise c...

mentoring disrupts learning

mentoring + workplace culture

Will mentoring disrupt traditional learning strategy?

Change is afoot. The corporate world was most certainly in a state of shift long before Covid came, ...

guided mentoring

mentoring + resources

A Guide to Guided Mentoring

What makes a mentoring programme truly effective? Is it rigid rules and regulations about how the re...

magic of mentoring

mentoring + resources

The Magic of Mentoring: Business Benefits of Mentoring Programmes

The repercussions of Covid-19 are forcing organisations to redeploy, upskill and reskill staff at sp...

Good fit mentoring

mentoring + resources

Finding a mentor right for you

How to tell if my mentee/mentor is a right fit and what to do if they’re not. You will most li...

Benefits of being a mentor


Mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted

… and other great reasons you should mentor. The benefits of being a mentor In a fast-paced wo...

Reverse Mentoring

mentoring + upskill

Why you should respect your youngers

Do we need to show our younger employees a little more respect? Research from Unily and YouGov sugge...