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Who can be a mentor?

TL;DR: Anybody can be a mentor. Yes, anybody. When it comes to choosing a mentor, people typically l...

mentoring + workplace culture

Creating a mentoring culture

Organisations with the most successful mentoring programmes have one thing in common: a robust mento...


Maintaining mentoring momentum

New mentorships are exciting. Diaries are at the ready and meetings are being booked as soon and as ...

mentoring + workplace culture

The importance of storytelling in mentoring

Success or failure? Hero or villain? The beginning or the end? Every employee in every organisation ...

Mentoring supports mental health

mentoring + workplace culture

The positive impact of mentoring on mental health

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health issues at some stage in their life. And in rec...

back to office

employee engagement + mentoring + workplace culture

Three ways to support employees returning to work

After 14 months of furlough, remote working and lockdowns, the time has finally come to start consid...

TV guide to mentoring


The ultimate TV guide to mentoring

Communication. Collaboration. Development. Mentoring helps to establish the key connections in a wor...

Talent mobility and mentoring

mentoring + upskill

Is mentoring part of your talent mobility strategy?

You’ve spent time, money and energy creating the best possible team for your organisation. You...