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guided mentoring

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A Guide to Guided Mentoring

What makes a mentoring programme truly effective? Is it rigid rules and regulations about how the re...

magic of mentoring

mentoring + resources

The Magic of Mentoring: Business Benefits of Mentoring Programmes

The repercussions of Covid-19 are forcing organisations to redeploy, upskill and reskill staff at sp...

Good fit mentoring

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Finding a mentor right for you

How to tell if my mentee/mentor is a right fit and what to do if they’re not. You will most li...

tips for building an effective remote workplace culture

resources + workplace culture

5 top tips to building an effective remote workplace culture

Video-conferencing, online collaboration, instant messaging. Although our colleagues have shifted fr...

Podcast The Mentors Who Made Me


The Mentors Who Made Me

Grasp talks to a variety of successful individuals about the mentors in their lives that made them w...